Thursday, July 17, 2008

My first-ever photo competition!

Hi everyone!  This is Varenna on Lake Como.

I just got home from my first ever entry to a photo competition. I joined a photo club in February and haven't been able to get my act together in time for the competitions.

I finally got two photos matted for the competition. This is one of them.

Since this was the end-of-season party it was a "judging by your peers" competition. Out of 44 entrants, each person was to select their two top favorites. The official counters then selected the top 5 based on the number of votes, and then the whole group was to look at the top 5 and vote on their favorite out of the top 5.

Well, when we filed back through the room the second time, I was happy to see that mine was one of the 5!

We then all voted on our favorites. (No, I did not vote on my own either time).

I came in third! Out of 44 photos by some really talented photographers. I am pickled tink. And the funniest thing of all - I took that photo with my Canon SD800IS - in other words, a little point and shoot.
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