Monday, September 22, 2008

Tarara (boom-di-ay...)

I gotta update this blog more frequently. 10 days? Here are some photos I took yesterday in Leesburg. Tarara Vineyards was having a wine festival, and I went to investigate. These grapes were maybe a mile from the winery entrance.
Earlier that day, I bought a diffuser/reflector and I think it may have helped a little bit, but I really needed an assistant to hold it for me. It's hard to hold it over your head and shoot with the other hand, especially with a moderately heavy lens.


Photo of Hannah Belle with the top down...

Grape leaves...

More grapes...

Friday, September 12, 2008

Girasole, Tournesol, Sunflower, in any language - they follow the sun

These were all taken at my parents' home in Girard Pennsylvania over Labor Day Weekend.

I used a polarizing filter on these photos, and I used two different lenses for the shoot - one, a 24-105 Canon (set on 105 to get closer) and the other one a 100mm macro. These Sunflowers are tall tall tall!

I love Sunflowers, they are so cheerful. My dream photography trip is to visit France in July and take photos of both the Lavender fields and the Sunflowers...

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