Thursday, July 14, 2011

Norway... or Switzerland?

I'm so glad I finally visited Norway after putting off the trip for years.  Something else always came up.  "Next year", I'd say.  This was the year and Backroads was the host.  Hat tip to Matt and Lucia our fantastic fearless leaders (which I guess made the rest of us fearless followers). 

And now I know what I'll find there:  towering mountains cleaved by fjords; glaciers still crashing, slow motion, into the terrain; thundering waterfalls and shoe-soaking springs; ferries which dot the fjords and which are in turn dwarfed by the mountains - and don't forget all the sheep. Puffy clouds and blue skies, except when they are thick and heavy with rain or fog.   Tiny red (or yellow, or green) clapboard summer homes mirrored in the clear green fjords.  Ancient stave churches that were contemporaries of pre-Norman invasion England (!!) and, more recently, Victorian homes and English churches.  Words that look suspiciously close to German.  Friendly people with an enviable quality of life.  Summer sun that just won't quit (except when it's, um, raining, or foggy).  I am curious about the opposite effect of the midnight sun - now I'm thinking about a winter trip on the Hurtigruten to see the Northern Lights.  Ooh, wouldn't that be fun. 

Stunningly beautiful scenery and stunningly spendy costs.  900 NOK for cab fare between Oslo's airport and my hotel - each way!  That's an anecdote that is going to have legs.  Norway looks like Switzerland, kind of, but it's even more expensive.  No mean feat. 

I think I want to work for a Norwegian oil company - I met a guy on one of the flights who said employees get something like four weeks off for every two weeks you work. 

Sunday, July 3, 2011


And now, Norway.  Souvenirs, Vikings and Trolls.  Don't forget the rain...

Friday, July 1, 2011

Magpie Moments #3

Well, my weekly "feature" is somehow turning monthly...  and I see I lost a follower!  Bummer!

I have had two weeks of torture at work (EOQ panic) but now it's over and for my next trip I'm heading to the Land of the Midnight Sun.  (AKA the Land of Ice and Snow...)

Have a seat in these chairs below, and enjoy a few of the links I like this week.

Thank you, World!

I will see three new UNESCO sites!

Check out these beautiful and colorful photos!

Practical writing tips from famous authors

Jonathan Spira of Executive Road Warrior has asked me if I'd like to write an article for his online magazine.

Some great ideas for charity.
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