Friday, July 27, 2012

Photos from our trip: Lake Como (What George sees each morning)

Good morning everyone and as promised, here is the counterpart to yesterday's photo.  This is directly across from Laglio, where George Clooney has a summer villa or two.  George must wake up every morning and look upon this lovely vista.

According to Google Maps, this must be Pognana Lario.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Photos from our trip: Lake Como (where is George?)

More in the series.  As we drove from the southern part of the lake to our destination in Lenno, we paused for a few minutes above Laglio.  The Via Regina is the main road on the western side of Lake Como, and in order to visit the little villages there are usually smaller access roads.

George Clooney has a summer villa (or maybe two?) on Lake Como.  We are pretty sure I'm pointing the camera in the right general direction.  Tomorrow I will post a photo of his morning view from Laglio.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Photos from our trip: Lake Como

OK, so I didn't post this the NEXT day.  The fact it was within 7 days is amazing given how much I've neglected my blog!

This is the view of the same street but wider.  I bet you've seen this scene before.  If you have any interest in Lake Como at all, I am sure you have. 

This was taken within hours of our arrival.  We've been to Lake Como four times now and it feels like home.  We don't stay in Bellagio but we always spend time eating there, or going up and down its various stairs - and shopping.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Photos from our trip: Lake Como

This is Salita Serbelloni, taken from the very tippy-top of the stairs, in Bellagio.

Even if you haven't been to Bellagio, odds are, if you've seen a photo of Bellagio, you've seen this scene.  Tomorrow I will post the "full on" photo from the top of the stairs and see if you recognize it!
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