Saturday, November 26, 2011

Charleston in B&W

I spent part of this week in the Low Country, visiting my house at the beach.  It's time to "winterize" which means turning the settings from AC to heat (with a low threshold of course - 50 degrees before the heat will come on.  Or would that be a high threshold?). 

Incidentally, while I was in Charleston I had lunch at a very fine restaurant quite by accident.  I called FIG during my commute to Charleston and they were closed for lunch but recommended Husk instead. 

Husk serves Low Country cuisine and it is all locally sourced. Sean Brock, the chef, won the James Beard "Best Chef Southeast" in 2010. The restaurant is housed in a beautiful Queen Anne building which was built in the late 1800s. Below is the link about Sean, but click around and look at the photos of this pretty building, too.

I found a NY Times article on Husk as well. What luck - I hadn't even heard of Husk just hours before I ate there.

At any rate, I spent the afternoon wandering around Charleston.  I have fifteen web-worthy photos from that day, of which five I mirrored in B&W.  Here they are:

And just one color one:

If you'd like to see all my photos from the week, here is the link:

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