Friday, January 14, 2011

Sunset on Lake Como

Good morning!

I am picking through some random photos I took last summer.  This one was in Varenna, on Lake Como.  It was so very hot in July, and we melted our way around the lake.  Finally when the sun would start to go down over the mountains to the west it would cool slightly.  I took this just after we sat down to eat at Vecchia Varenna.  Canon S90. 


Country Mouse Studio said...

nice change from all the snow photos :O)

Carla said...

Incredible light. I have never been to Lake Como but it looks beautiful. And George is there... Carla

Rocket Man said...

Ah, that sure looks nice compared to all the snow outside my window!

Jim said...

I somehow ran across this shot while I was doing some research about Varenna. I noticed your caption about the heat and remembered a Fodor's post about this that I commented on...which turned out to be yours I think.

Unfortunately, you seemed to have suffered through the heat like we did. Still, it looks like you had a great trip anyway.

Happy traveling!

Jim said...

I somehow ran across this photo while I was googling info about Varenna. I remembered a post about about this on Fodors that I commented on...and I believe it was your thread.

Anyway, it seems you suffered the heat as we did. But I'm sure you had a great time.

Happy travels!

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