Monday, January 17, 2011

Gondola Gondola Gondola

For all that I adore Gondolas, and have taken probably close to a thousand pictures of them during a variety of visits to Venice..  other than taking a Traghetto across the Grand Canal (Why did the tourist take a Traghetto?  To get to the other side) I have never had a Gondola ride.  Is that so wrong?

I still love them.  Gondola:  the world renowned symbol of Venice.  Count out the six sestiere, as depicted on the "ferro de prua" on the prow. 

Here are some snaps.  All with a Canon S90.


LD said...

These are wonderful...the vine covered bridge with reflection photo is simply captivating! the color the composition..great.

BaileyZimmerman said...

Beth...I love gondolas too....but have never had a ride in one either. I've taken the traghetto a few!
I have had a few boat rides with Matteo a good friend. I met him & his wife Morena through Elisabetta. They've been friends since childhood.
Last year, when I went to Venice my niece came with me...and a good friend Barbara. When I wrote to tell him we were all coming he wrote back in his broken english....."holy shit...I need a bigger boat".
Wish you & I could meet in Venezia some day.....

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