Saturday, October 4, 2008

Dawn at the beach (Hilton Head Island)

Last weekend I visited my beach house near Hilton Head. I had planned to visit shortly after Labor Day, but Hannah the Hurricane loomed and I was pretty sure my plane would be cancelled either on the trip down or the trip back. I switched my tickets and spent September 26-28 there instead. The weather was perfect and I spent a lot of time taking photos. I got up for the sunrise both mornings and also took some sunset photos. The Low Country is becoming more near and dear to me - it's only taken 3 years! I told a friend recently the evolution has been "I'm going to buy a house to rent out - what an investment" to "My nice new house, I can't rent it out" to "Why did I buy this place, I won't rent it and I'm hardly ever there" to the current, "I really enjoy my visits. I can leave my cares behind and just hang out at the beach". Enjoy the photos - I even saw a sunrise wedding. What a perfect morning.

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Stephen Baird said...

these are great! 2nd and 3rd from bottom are killer good.
nikonsniper steve

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