Sunday, April 17, 2011

No Ordinary Monster

This weekend we have had some crummy weather and so I spent a good amount of time finalizing the book I am making for my Mom.  I am so far behind on my photo review and sorting, and fuhgeddabout all the books I have to draft.  I make a photo book about different adventures using Blurb which is a fantastic resource.  You make the book on your computer using your photos and text, and then submit it online to Blurb and a few weeks later you get a stunning bound book that looks quite professional. 

I am currently working on a 2009 trip with my Mom to Provence and Paris.  It is titled "Magic of Provence:  Lavender, Sunflowers, and the Tour de France."  This will be my fourth book.  Not found on Amazon, alas, which would be part of my bucket-list - get published and sell a book on Amazon.

At any rate, in writing these books I don't just paste photos and talk about what we ate!  I do research online while reviewing the photos and I tend to include historical tidbits.  Sometimes I am amazed, like I am this morning.  Included here is a photo of my Mom next to an interesting statue.  We spent all of two minutes next to it and of course did not know the story.  Here is the story!

This statue commemorates the Tarasque.  The town is named after him and in fact he is found on their coat of arms.  He was a fearsome and deadly monster in Provence who was tamed by Saint Martha (apparently a contemporary of Jesus).  She brought her newly tamed monster to this town and the townspeople killed him.  He offered no resistance, as he was tame.  Saint Martha used this as a teaching moment and converted the town to Christianity. They were sorry for having killed the tame monster and thus the people named the town Tarascon. There is a play based on the Tarasque by a famous French playwright, Alphonse Daudet; there is a French anti-aircraft gun named the Tarasque; there is even a dinosaur named after him!

Think about it: a town, the coat of arms, a play, a military weapon, a dinosaur and finally UNESCO recognized him. This is no ordinary monster!


Virginia said...

Thanks for the nudge. I'm procrastinating about doing a Paris book to sell on my blogs through Blurb. My friend Mary wants me to do Paris Rouge. That sounds like fun. Good for you for doing 4 already! I"ve done one. THat means I have a LOT of trips I've not put into print. Loved your dragon story!

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Elizabeth, that is a great idea and the research you are doing will greatly enhance the memories and meaning.

Have a wonderful weekend,

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