Thursday, December 16, 2010

A very blustery day

Today was the first snow of the 2010-2011 winter - in my neck of the woods, anyway.  I am a little apprehensive because most years we simply don't get more than a dusting of snow all winter, and even then not until January sometime at the earliest.  We have had cold cold cold days this month, and now snow.  Just like last year...  agh! 

Here's hoping we hop back up into the 40s soon and stay there, for, oh, 10 weeks or so (the advent of spring).  For my international readers, anything above 5 celsius with no winds would be grand for a winter, and 10 even better but not likely for a few months yet.

I took this photo one February day in London...  this photo looks like how it feels today.  Except that Boudicca seems to be saying "bring it on".  No no no no no...

ps.  I say this from the perch of a suburbanite with NO public transport options within miles of my house.

Canon 30D.


Country Mouse Studio said...

very nice I love the angle

Elizabeth said...

Thank you! She looks fearless, doesn't she?

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