Friday, December 31, 2010

2010, we hardly knew ye...

Once again it's New Year's Eve!  Where did this year take you?  Did you stick to your resolutions (even if it was to make no resolutions)?  Did you get to travel, did you welcome new people into your life, did you pay off those credit cards? 

Each December I take stock of the year that is being quietly ushered out the door - and abuse friends and family by sending the annual Xmas newsletter.  I also look to the year ahead and wonder where it will take me.  A friend recently put a bug into my ear about the "Seagull Century" because she and her husband completed it for her 50th birthday.  This is an annual fall bike ride, 100 miles in length, and it starts in Salisbury Maryland.  Apparently it's "easy" because it's spread over two days and as it is near the shore it's quite flat.  In 2010 8100 riders biked; the youngest was 6 years old and the oldest, 88.  You know, I think I can do this...  ("can" and "will" are still not merged...)

I want to thank my readers for reading (and viewers for viewing, since my first MO was to make this a photo-blog).  I know you're out there even though I don't know who you are in many cases, and maybe I don't hear from you so much.  If you follow me, I will follow you (google-blog speak, but it sounds like a Phil Collins song doesn't it?).  I have been watching my "google stats" and each year the blog has grown a little bit.  I started posting occasionally in 2008 and that year only 861 individuals found me (2213 page views).  In 2009 2030 people found me (3774 page views).  In 2010, 3144 people found me - 7888 page views!  Granted, it looks like most find me on google and then bounce away, but in the past three months the return visitors have outnumbered the ones who run screaming into the night.  I hope this means I am slightly more interesting than I used to be!

So if you are out there, drop a line, post a comment, let's get to know each other!  Happy New Year!

The photo selection today is where I'd really like to be... Lake Como in June.

Canon 7D.


Reiki by shiko said...

Happy new year.

From Japan

Flutterby said...

Thank you for sharing beautiful pictures. I haven't traveled as much as you have so I appreciate the snippets you bring back to share. Hope you make it to the bike ride with pictures to go along. Happy New Year.

Carla said...

Thank for all the wonderful images from your travels in 2010.. Look forward to seeing more in 2011. Happy New Year. Carla

Elizabeth said...

Good morning - Happy New Year to you as well!

Thank you for the compliments - there are more photos to come...

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