Sunday, March 7, 2010

We're heading towards spring! Hooray!

I belong to the Meadowlark Botanical Gardens which is an oasis of calm not far from Washington DC.  I love to wander among the flowers in the spring.  Even in winter, when there are no flowers, it's still a very quiet and peaceful place to visit.  Benches abound, whether high on the hill overlooking the pond or waterside (and one day I really must show up with just a book and a picnic basket).  Trails are everywhere and as a bonus there are elevation changes so you can get a decent workout. 

Here are some photos I took from yesterday.  It's been a full month since the Snowpocalypse and there are still random piles of snow.  This is a testament to how much snow we actually received.  During a normal winter a "snowstorm" would have melted within a week.  Now, a month later, you still see pockets of snow. 

Enjoy the photos.

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Rowena... said...

Hi Elizabeth, thanks for stopping by! Second that thought on a book and a picnic basket...can't wait until all of the snow is melted in our neck of the woods. Your photos are beautiful, and I look forward to seeing more signs of spring (how cool to be part of a botanical garden!).

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