Saturday, March 20, 2010

What a difference two weeks makes!

I visited Meadowlark Gardens again today - two weeks after my last visit - and look what my eyes did spy!  I'm going to make regular visits now to document the progress of the flower gardens.  The day was perfect.  It is in the mid 70s and full sun and I even drove all over with my convertible top down with a straw hat perched on my head.  I sat on one of the benches beside the little lake and watched a hawk making lazy circles above, riding on the gentle wind currents.  Families were out in full force - trains of children, running and shouting; strollers galore.  It is almost too warm today and too soon.  The top floor of my house, as I type this, is 78 degrees:  enervating.  I am tempted to turn the air conditioning on! 

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BaileyZimmerman said...

It was the same up here in northern Jersey. I couldn't believe the number of people I saw on the streets in wheelchairs...on crutches...with canes.....a regular rehab affair!!
I did turn on the car air conditioning!!
cheers to you dear!!

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