Thursday, August 2, 2012

Photos from our trip: Lake Como

Good morning!  I hope you are enjoying this series. 

This photo was taken from our balcony at Albergo Lenno (and I cannot recommend this hotel enough, for your stay on Lake Como).  Lenno is a jewel and has become our favorite place to stay.  It has a tiny little waterfront village and the rest of the "town" (mostly just houses/condos) extends above the Via Regina, the white-knuckle narrow road that follows the west side of Lake Como.  The waterfront is where the charm is.  You can even walk to Villa Balbianello from Lenno.  That is another story for another day, so come back later for pictures of Villa Balbianello and its story. 

See the plane trees?  They had recently clipped them down, but good!  On previous visits they had a lot more foliage.  In fact, do you see that bare, tall "stump" of a tree in front of the ferry stop?  That was quite large and luxurious.  I wonder why they cut it down so much.

Across the water is the peninsula on which you will find Bellagio.  Bellagio itself is off to the left of this photo.  You can just barely see San Giovanni, to the left of the photo, in between two branches of the plane tree. 

a domani...


vicki archer said...

so pretty...can't wait for next instalment... xv

Elizabeth said...

Thank you Vicki!

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