Sunday, March 2, 2008

The day after...

Yesterday I went hiking with some friends. I haven't exercised very much this winter beyond the daily walking I've done on my various vacations (which happen about once a month). What I thought was going to be a nice 1.5, maybe 2 hour stroll through Manassas Battlefield turned into "hmmm, which way will this path take us"... 3 hours later we limped back to the car. The toll: sore legs (although not as sore as I expected and in fact were fine the next day), a very sore big toe (note to self - always, always cut your toe nails before a hike - even if you think it's going to be a short one), and a slightly pink face. I slathered on sun screen before heading out but 3 hours is much longer than I ever spend in the sun without a hat. I did get some good photos. To the right is one I took yesterday, and to the left is one I took in Tuscany last May - strikingly similar huh? And so cheerful. I've started putting my New Zealand photos online, so if you click my photos link you will see some of them. I expect to have them all online later this week if not sooner.

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BaileyZimmerman said...

Wow...they are similar!!
Great photos!

Your Blog is terrific and the photos amazing!!!

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