Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The official 30-day countdown to Munich and the Alps!

BMW Badge
Originally uploaded by Skyhawk Flyer

On May 23 Mom and I leave for Munich to pick up my new BMW. The actual delivery is May 26 (Memorial Day) and our itinerary is roughly this:

May 24 and 25: Munich
May 26 night: Zell am See
May 27 drive the Grossglockner
May 28-29 stay in the Dolomites (Hotel Uhrerhof Deur)
May 30 drive the Stelvio Pass, and night in Guarda CH
May 31 - June 3 (4 nights) on Lake Como
June 4 - June 6 (3 nights) in Grindelwald
June 7 night - maybe Fussen
June 8 night near Munich
June 9 fly home.


BaileyZimmerman said...

How exciting!!
What a great itinerary!
Where are you staying in the Dolomites? (You probably told me....I have a great's just short)
We will be on Vancouver Island at the same time!!
How long will it take for your car to arrive back in the states?

Elizabeth said...

The Hotel Uhrerhof Deur! The car should arrive in the US about 6 weeks after I give it back to them...

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