Monday, May 31, 2010

Nothing like photography to take the sting out of eye surgery...

I am back.
I had invasive eye surgery on Tuesday and on Saturday went with my photo club to Brookside Gardens to take photos of the many butterflies.  Brookside has a Wings of Fancy exhibit each year and this was my first visit there.  This was a private, planned club outing and the chief advantage was that we were allowed to have tripods.  When the general public visits, no tripods. 

Naturally, I forgot my tripod.  All the below are handheld.  I'm not proud.  I'm less proud to say that I didn't experiment as much as I should - I mostly set my aperture on 4.0 (for the short DOF) and then either let the camera choose the speed (mostly 1/13, 1/15, 1/20) which made for a lot of fuzzy fotos.  A few times I manually set the shutter speed to 1/125 which made for less fuzzy fotos but a little darker.  Like a dunce I should have unleashed the power of the 7D - it has much better high ISO performance. 

I took about 400 photos, of which I felt 60 were not embarrassing.  I put 20 on flickr, and here below enjoy five of them! 

I haven't visited Meadowlark Gardens in nearly a month and hope to go back next weekend. Stay tuned...

ps.  gotta have at least one Monarch here:

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