Friday, January 31, 2014

If Franz Schubert were alive today...

He would be 217 years old!  Sadly, though, he only lived to be 31. 

Born in Vienna and a contemporary of Beethoven, he was an incredibly prolific composer with over 600 songs.  However, his popularity during his lifetime did not extend far beyond his circle of friends.  Posthumously, though, he was much more appreciated. 

Ultimately his final resting place became Vienna's Zentralfriedhof.  You may have seen this cemetery in the final scene of The Third Man, a postwar movie set in Vienna and starring Orson Welles.  He is buried mere feet away from Beethoven.  Franz, that is.  Not Orson. 

Happy Birthday Franz Schubert.  January 31, 1797. 

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