Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Yes, it really is that blue!

More photos of scenic Switzerland... These photos were all taken from an ICN train - IC stands for "Inter City" (which means FAST) and the N must stand for "tilt" because that is what it does. The regular IC trains do not tilt around curves but the ICN trains do lean into curves. Not quite like a motorcycle (there was no scraping of knee pads) but the effect was quite noticeable. Hang on to your drinks!

The train ride was beautiful but when we got to Lake Lucerne we all gasped. So blue! I assume this is due to glaciers, because the last time I saw water that blue was when I flew in a little Cessna 172 over Whistler, British Columbia, to see the glaciers in those parts. Glacier Lake Blue I called the color then, and it is stupendous.



Natalie said...

I LOVED Lucerne! Great memories of a boatride on Lake Lucerne and then sitting by the water eating pretzel/butter/ham sandwiches and people watching. Ahhhhh!

BaileyZimmerman said...

That is an OMG it's blue, blue!!

Rowena... said...

Switzerland does grab you like that...everything is just so vibrant!

I'm so sorry to hear that the temps made it impossible to hike. We had to hang up our boots by the end of June as we were really pushing things (especially with the dogs). Summertime is always particularly tough, so I cannot wait til it's fall season and we can get back on the trails again.

Maya said...

Oh, you're in my homeland!!! I'm so glad you became a follower so I found you! I want to jump into the lake. Funny, I can't tell you why it's that blue..., maybe because it's so clean?!

Maya @ Completely Coastal

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