Friday, October 1, 2010

Where there's Smoke, there's Fire

I am so pleased that I have blog followers!  This means I have to try to be creative and not boring (or silent) on my blog.

Here are some photos of some real cuties.  I took them in early June and haven't gotten around to posting them yet (other than on Flickr).  My photo club sponsored an outing to photograph several raptors and the ones I've highlighted here were the most adorable.  I wanted to hug them, which probably would have been met with some consternation! 

They are both Eastern Screech Owls, just different colors.  They are tiny - I bet no bigger than a Yorkie dog.  One is named Smoke, the other is named Fire.  Down below I've included the entire set of raptors from flickr. 

The flickr set of 49 photos:


Radiant View Photography said...

Great shots Elizabeth. I think I shot these same birds this past weekend at the Claude Moore Park Photo Expo. They are on my blog at:

Marka said...

Thanks for the size comparison. It puts things in perspective. Excellent photographs!

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