Thursday, February 24, 2011

Another church ceiling photo, and an APOLOGY!

Good morning everyone, two posts in one day - check it out.

I am posting this in response to Genie's admiration of Sainte Chappelle's jewel like ceiling.  I'd also like to use this time to apologize to all my blog readers. 

As I am usually logged in, when I do reply with comments I cannot see that I had that dreaded WORD VERIFICATION turned on!  I found out by accident when I tried to reply to Genie and was logged out. 

That word verification feature is such a pain in the arse (pardon my British-ism).  I don't know how it came to be enabled, it must be a default.  It was easy to turn off, and it makes the blog commenting experience so much easier and pleasant - take this from someone who comments a fair bit on other blogs (and sometimes refrains due to that feature, especially if I've already commented on several others that day). 

If you happen to have a blog, it's not a bad idea to check that feature out and to consider turning it off (not to be pushy or anything). 


L.D. said...

Wow amazing..a lot of work and designing went into that!

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Oh, and you captured these colors beautifully! I am not sure how they got the color intensity, but it is distinctive.

Thanks for showing this one to me!


SKIZO said...

thank you for sharing

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