Friday, September 28, 2012

Backroads: Dalmatian Coast. Some more of the boat!

More random photos - nothing has been in chron order so far.

These below were taken the day we "met" Bozidar and sailed to Hvar.  We had a dinghy ride over to where she was anchored and then we swam for a little bit, in order to replace our sweat-salt with sea-salt on our bodies.  At least we cooled down though.  No swimming photos, alas, as I was one of the swimmers. 

En route, there was quite a bit of excitement when we realized we were being paced by dolphins!  How cool is that!  Definitely rates as a highlight.  They shimmied along side us for a while - and we had to have been going 20 miles an hour I'd say.  Maybe more.  How fun!

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