Thursday, September 27, 2012

Backroads: Dalmatian Coast. Back at the Buza Bar

Good morning!  Here we have some photos of our cocktail hour at the Buza Bar.  This was our first evening together and Backroads picked a prime spot for good views!

Buza means "hole" and to find these lovely bars (I and II) you have to walk along the inner walls, near the top, and look for the hole in the wall.  One of them, at least, has a sign pointing to the hole that says "Cold Drinks". 

Step through the buzas and enter another world.  Both bars cling to the cliff and the tables and chairs are settled into whatever flat pieces of rock are found.  The menu is pretty simple:  beers and wines, some fruit juices.  I think you could get chips too (meaning, not french fries). 

You can't see in the photos here, but both bars are also popular swimming spots.  Directly behind me is the Adriatic.  Don't back up!

They are in larger format this morning, so if you cannot see them on your screen, click on each and they should show the whole photo.

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