Sunday, September 23, 2012

Backroads: Dalmatian Coast. Rooftops in Dubrovnik

We are back in Dubrovnik again.  This was not taken from the wall, it was taken from the rooftop terrace at my hotel, the Stari Grad (four stars, for anyone considering staying there). 
My hotel was inside the walls and I didn't realize until the taxi dumped me at the gate that it meant "walk your own bags through the crowds to your hotel, once you find it that is".  Had I been alert I would have asked the hotel to have a porter meet me.
At any rate, once I cleaned up I checked out the terrace and the lovely views.  Can you see the cruise ship?  I have a better photo which I will post tomorrow.  It appears that the top of the ship is as tall as the top of the walls.  Scary indeed. 


Oh, what the heck, I'll add the photo today.  Check it out.  That cruise ship looks like it's taller than the wall on that side!

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