Friday, May 31, 2013

Capri: a pleasant stroll to lunch below the Faraglioni

Good morning

Another round of photos from my recent trip to a beautiful part of Italy.  My first time to Capri - three nights which really should have been doubled.  Another visit is necessary.

After a morning spent visiting the very top of the island (Monte Solaro, reached from chairlift from Anacapri), I had lunch at the very bottom of the island - at the base of the Faraglioni.  These are some photos from my stroll and lunch at Da Luigi ai Faraglioni.

Starting down the hill:

Fontellina Beach:

Da Luigi:

A villa overlooking the Faraglioni:

Another villa overlooking the Faraglioni.  I think I want to live here.


Wandering around after my meal:

Ahhhhhhh...  bliss!

What a fabulous day.  If I were stuck in the movie Groundhog Day, THIS would be one of the days I'd like to repeat. 

Enjoy your weekend!


Stephanie said...

Gorgeous pictures!

Kathy Woodall said...

Beth - thanks for sharing ! Now you make me want to go back too - what glorious weather you had. Seems it's not so good there right now.
Oh - the last pic of your gorgeous pedicure - like like like!!

Elizabeth said...

Thank you Stephanie and Kathy! What a day, I wish I were there again.

Funny how my pedi was all matchy matchy huh? I didn't plan it!

BaileyZimmerman said...

Beth...gorgeous series....aren't the memories wonderful?

Elizabeth said...

Yes they are, Linda!

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