Sunday, June 23, 2013

Reflections of travel

Good morning!

Taking a small break from poking around my recent Italy photos.  As usual, I took entirely too many. 

Below are various photos I've taken of reflections - sometimes on purpose, sometimes a happy accident.

This first one, taken in Venice, is my all time, most viewed, most-tumblred photo ever.  Tumblr via my Flickr page.  If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.  At least some of the tumblr folks link back to my own page.  Sigh.  It was taken with a (now old) P&S Canon.  For all the nice equipment I have now, this one is my most popular.  Go figure.

Below, Florence in winter.  Also taken with the same tiny P&S.

OK, now this below is not Italy, in fact it's Algonkian Park in Virginia.

More Italy, more Venice...  I think I have Italy on the brain...

Waterfowl in Annecy:

Me, reflected in a Harley, in Assisi (Italy):

One of my favorite reflections.  Tulips in Keukenhof.

Changing of the Guard:

More Venice.  Maybe it's Venice I have on the brain...

More Venice:

And more Venice.  Yes, there is a reflection, it's in the shiny glossy gorgeous black wood:

Sunglasses.  Beach glass.  Wrought iron balcony.  Lake Como (Lenno).


More Venice (yes, that is a reflection):


Meadowlark Gardens in Virginia:


Last but not least, a grand piano in the huge sitting room of the Hotel Excelsior in Naples.  It was not far from the window and you could see the monument outside very clearly on the sleek glossy black wood of the piano.


Stephanie said...

Wonderful pictures

Elizabeth said...

Thank you Stephanie!

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